The Devil's Got Happy Feet

The Devil’s Got Happy Feet

Everything’s going to be ok. Here’s a tap-dancing Satan.

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Here Kitty, Kitty


I will never know if a hot and sexy cougar might be looking for me, but something seems off about this ad.

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Look Into Her Eyes


Look right into this porcelain doll’s eyes for just 10 seconds. You may well see… your oooown sooooul!

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You Have to be Careful When Using the Playstation Move


I managed to get my hands on some “leaked” warning info for the Playstation Move controller. Watch out for balloons!

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Celebrate Your Optimus Prime Father Complex on Father’s Day


I know it’s a little after the fact, but I found this Optimus Prime card at a Papyrus near my house when I was shopping for a Father’s Day card. It’s actually an American Greetings card that somehow made it’s way from that store to the shelf in Papyrus. AND IT TALKS!

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