Nexus 7 Unboxing

Just picked up my Nexus 7 from Gamestop. I haven’t seen many other unboxing photos yet, so I snapped a few for posterity. Enjoy!

Observations for 05-29-2012

Quick links for today:

Today’s animated GIF: lives in a van down by the river

Photo: Clouds blocked today’s Manhattanhenge, so here’s a photo of the same event from 2009, Creative Commons License Dan Nguyen via Compfight

Observations for 05-28-2012

Happy Memorial Day! Take some time out from your gratuitous shopping (no, you don’t need that), and remember those who have fallen in defense of our country. That’s what this day is all about, after all. Now how about some links?

Today’s Animated GIF: Weird “Rambo” Al gives us some Memorial Day fireworks, at the expense of the Colosseum

Photo: Happy 75th Birthday Golden Gate Bridge (it’s birthday was on May 27). Credit: Thomas Hawk, Creative Commons

The Devil's Got Happy Feet

Everything’s going to be ok. Here’s a tap-dancing Satan.

Observations for 05-25-2012

Come one, come all to the inaugural edition of Observations, my roundup post covering the interesting, funny, touching, and bizarre things I read every day. My RSS reader doth overflow with posts, and I’ll be writing Observations every weekday (usually).

It’s May 25th, so Happy Towel Day! Let’s dive right in.

Today’s Animated GIF: Paula Deen and her butter are food for your nightmares

Photo: NASA’s Mars Rover Opportunity catches its own late-afternoon shadow in this dramatically lit view eastward across Endeavour Crater on Mars. Image credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech/Cornell/Arizona State Univ.

Bob-Omb Takes a Walk

Bob-Omb Takes a Walk

This CG animated video of a walking Bob-Omb was the final project for my Maya course at SVA. I modeled, textured, rigged, lit, and animated everything myself.

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Selected for the Williamsburg Film Fest


The Williamsburg Film Festival selected a music video I worked on and gave us an outstanding achievement award.

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Puppy is Too Much Cute for One Anchor


Sometimes you get the dog, and sometimes the dog gets you. Also your grout might need some attention.

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Atari Rom-Com Games Art

Runaway Bride for Atari

I made parody Atari game boxes for four romantic comedies. They were published a while ago, so I figured it was about time to share them in high res.

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Sparrow Concept Drawing

Sparrow Sketch

I’ve been working on a script for an animated short, and I started sketching the main characters. This one is a sparrow, and he seems a little gloomy.

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